Salesforce Training in Pune | Salesforce Certification Course in Pune

Learn Salesforce Course Training in Pune From IIT Alumni & Salesforce Certified Trainer

Trainings Undertaken
Delivery of Professional Salesforce Training to Students and Working Professionals on Admin, Dev, Integration and
Apttus CPQ/CLM/QTC by Partnering with Training Companies, Salesforce Partners, Customers & SI’s

  • Trained the Employees on Getting Started with Communities at a Logistic Company using Salesforce
    Implementation for Service & Customer Support in Philippines May 2019
  • Trained the Employees on the basics of Einstein Analytics at a Logistic Company in Pune October 2018
  • Finished a Bootcamp for Employees on Salesforce Lightning Admin & Development including best practices of configuration and customization at a Salesforce ISV in Noida October 2018
  • Trained the Employees on Admin Essential with Lightning focusing on Configuration at a Logistic Company using Salesforce Implementation for Sales & Customer Support in Philippines June 2018
  • Trained the Employees on Developing Applications, Components and Event Architecture using Lightning Framework at an IT Management Company in Bangalore July 2018
  • Job Oriented Training on Salesforce Admin & Development to International Students & Professionals
  • Recorded a Class entitled Introduction to Salesforce in Collaboration with CourseBirdie
  • Partnered with Training Institute Pune to Deliver Training on various Technologies like Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications and more
  • Training Session on Salesforce
  • Training Session on JIRA/SCRUM
  • Summer School Instructor on Web Technologies at IIT Kanpur

Salesforce Skills Expertise

  • End to End Implementation, Task Automation, Customer Support Case Management, Task & Process Automation
  • Apex, Lightning Components & Experience, Salesforce DX, Einstein. Marketing, Sales & Service Clouds
  • Apttus CPQ, CLM, QTC & Order Management. Scrum, Agile Methodology & Release Management
  • Integrations with Java, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, GitHub, BitBucket, ANT Migration, JIRA, AWS

Talks Delivered
Delivered Technical Presentation on Various Products Implemented on Platform at

  • Guest Startup Presenter – Gov Tech Pioneers – Vienna, Austria – April 2019
  • Texas Dreamin – Austin, TX – June 2018
  • French Touch Dreamin – Paris, France – Sep 2017
  • India Dreamin – Delhi, India – Oct 2017
  • Jaipur Dev Fest – Jaipur, India – July 2018 & April 2017


Most of the companies and people think that investing money on sales force is a waste and expensive as well. It is indeed a false notion because it can make the most of the value of your investment. It is certain that your sales team will take what they taught from the training and really make use of it in their sales endeavors every day. Provided that many of companies now vie in a global market, it must qualify and offer training with intention of closing more sales. Today, you can find several training institutes and these institutes are operating to give advanced training to professionals as well as beginners.

Develop Internal Resources
This training is similar to other business training and focuses on improving the staff’s efficiency. One of the notable benefits of training is that it allows you to develop internal resources, including staffing, to match up to your sales force development and make sure long-term success. It will aid you to build up a set of expert professionals and staffs that can, in order, back up the organization’s vision, goals, and processes. Generally, it incorporates an extensive range of applications, features, and functions necessary to keep up execution.

Make You a Market Leader
One of the main gains of classes is that it helps you to become a market leader by means of forming a trained and well-qualified sales force. Remember that a well-trained and qualified trainee
can viable benefit that you need to be the market leader. Obviously, through courses, you can make your team capable of exercising the product knowledge to make available effective and practical
solutions. It will give you a workable advantage over others since people who participated in training will use what they learn in their work.

Better Investment
This training is really an investment for the companies because you can get back the money that you spend on training when an employer drives more businesses and sales to you. So, the money you spent on training stands as a good investment and you will be able to acquire a good return on your investment once your team becomes more competent with technical and practical knowledge. Its courses will aid you to develop product knowledge, acquire sales skills, and develop the exact attitudes. The companies that spend money on training used to succeed higher profit margins
compared to others. Training is a necessary training program for doing extremely. If you would like to make the most of your investment, there is no better technique than presenting your team the skills and knowledge to use it to its topmost level which in the end assists in more sales and thereby more profits for organizations.


  • Individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce
  • App Builders
  • Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Sales Representatives
  • IT Managers
  • Product Managers


  • 100% Job Assistance to all students
  • Learn from the basics of internet and web programming
  • Personal attention is given to each & every participant during the training program
  • Live Projects
  • Batches with limited seats
  • Weekdays & Weekend batches as per your suitability.
  • Batches with limited seats
  • Two training centers for your convenience: Kothrud and Wakad
  • If you are in Kothrud or nearby areas like Karve Nagar, Warje-Malwadi, Bhusari Colony, Shivaji Nagar etc. then you can visit our branch in Vanaz Corner, Kothrud.
  • If you are in Pimpri Chinchwad or nearby areas like Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Chinchwad, Balewadi, Sangvi, Dapodi etc. then you can visit our branch in Wakad near Kalewadi Phata.


Introduction to Salesforce
  • What is CRM
  • What is Salesforce
  • What is SFDC/
  • Functionalities Provided by Salesforce
  • What are the benefits of using Salesforce
  • Reputed Customers of Salesforce
  • Current Scenario of Salesforce Technology and Job market
  • Career Path of Salesforce Trainees
Configuration and Administration
  • How to use Salesforce
  • Creation of User Login
  • Types of Users in Salesforce
  • How to create an App In Salesforce
  • Configuration of Profiles
  • A configuration of Standard Objects
  • A configuration of Custom Objects
  • Configuring Fields
  • What is a Record
  • How to Save, Edit and Delete a Record
  • How to Create an Approval process
  • Process Builder and it’s Uses
  • Communities and its Benefits
  • Sites and advantages
Objects in Salesforce
  •  What is an Object
  • What are the Types of Objects
  • Difference between Standard and Custom Object
  • Junction Objects
  • What is a Field
  • Standard and Custom Fields
  • Data Type of Fields
  • Types of Relationships – Lookup and Master-Detail
  • Auto Number Field
  • System Fields
  • Formula Fields
  • Roll Up Summary Fields
  • Data Required for a Field
  • Validation Rules on an Object
  • Page Layouts for Objects
  • WorkFlow Rules on an Object
  • Field Updates
  • Email Alerts
  • Outbound Emails
  • Related Lists
  • Notes and Attachments
Apex Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming Language Concepts
  • The relation between Classes and Objects
  • Introduction to APEX
  • Data Types in APEX
  • Variables in APEX
  • Expressions in APEX
  • Assignment Statements in APEX
  • Conditional (If-Else) Statements in APEX
  • Creating APEX Classes in APEX
  • Creating APEX Triggers in User Interface
  • Understanding APEX Methods
  • Creating Search Layouts using SOSL
  • Sending Mass Emails using APEX
  • Creating User Interface Wizard using APEX
  • Creating Test Classes
  • Anonymous Code Blocks
  • Synchronous Apex vs Asynchronous Apex
  • Future Methods in Asynchronous Apex
  • Queueable Apex in Asynchronous Apex
  • Apex Scheduler in Asynchronous Apex
  • Batch Apex in Asynchronous Apex
  • Governor Limits in Salesforce Environment
  • Best practices for writing Apex/ Triggers / Test Classes
  • SOAP and Bulk APIs In Salesforce
  • Integration with External Applications
Visualforce and UI
  • Setting Configuring Development Mode
  • Creating Visualforce Pages in User Interface
  • Standard Controllers in Salesforce
  • Standard List Controllers Salesforce
  • Visualforce Forms
  • Visualforce Tables
  • Adding Interactivity to Visualforce Pages
  • HTML in Visualforce Pages
  • CSS in Visualforce Pages
  • JAVASCRIPT in Visualforce Pages
  • JQUERY in Visualforce Pages
  • AJAX in Visualforce Pages
  • Custom Controllers
  • Custom List Controllers
  • Controller Extensions
  • Overriding Standard Pages
  • Using Input Components
  • Visualforce Page Blocks and Page Block Sections
  • Creating Email Templates with Visualforce Pages
  • Creating Custom Components in Visualforce Pages
  • Creating Tabs in Visualforce Pages
  • Passing Parameters in Visualforce Pages
  • Lightning Introduction and Basics
Data Handling in Salesforce
  • How is Data Stored in Salesforce
  • How to Insert Documents and Files into Salesforce
  • How to handle Big Data
  • Import and Export Data into Salesforce
  • Dataloader and its uses
  • Create, Update or Delete Bulk Records using Dataloader
  • Workbench
Salesforce Security Management
  • How to Protect Data in Salesforce
  • Read, Write and Delete Access for Records
  • Record Level Access
  • Profile Level Access
  • Object Level Access
  • Field Level Access
  • Users and Group Level Access
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
Reporting and Dashboards
  • What is Dashboard
  • How to Configure dashboard
  • Add Pie Charts, Bar Graphs and Calendars to Dashboard
  • How to create Reports
  • Customise Reports
  • Create Multi-Object Join Reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Summary, Tabular and Matrix Reports
Advanced Applications
  • Sandbox and Type of Sandbox
  • Instances in Salesforce
  • Change Sets
  • Deploying to Production
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Sites in Salesforce
  • Portals in Salesforce
  • Deploying Apps to different Organization
Querying in Salesforce
  • SOSL (Salesforce Object Search Language)
  • SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language )
  • Queries Between Relationships
  • Writing Aggregated Queries
  • Using Filters in Queries
  • Best Practices of writing Queries in Apex and Avoiding Governor Limits


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What is Sales Force
Salesforce is the primary enterprise offering within the Salesforce1 Platform and provides companies with an interface for case management and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating important events. The Salesforce customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases, includes a social networking plug-in that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites, provides analytical tools and other services including email alert, chat, Google search, and access to customers’ entitlement and contracts.
Why Salesforce Certification?
Demand for Salesforce experts is growing rapidly and companies are looking for proven professionals. Companies who use certified cloud specialists see smoother deployments and better use of Salesforce. Getting certified boosts your career and enables you to give even more to your organization’s success.

Who should go for Sales Force

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs (Business Owners)
  • Students

How long is the Course duration?
Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening) Duration: 4 weeks
Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday) Duration: 5 Weeks

Can I get Job Assistance after I complete the course?
Yes! You will offer 100% Job Assistance after completion of course.

Why should I choose Training Institute Pune for Salesforce Courses in Pune?
Batch limit to 10 students to provide personalized training instead of huge batch system. Provide hands-on training on live projects.
Offer Internship programs mostly beneficial for job seekers. We provide training and consulting services. Weekend batches best suited for students or working professionals

How can I enroll in Sales Force course?
After completing inquiry for Salesforce course you can enroll yourself by registering online OR manually. Our consultant will guide you for the enrolling process.
Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?
Yes! We organize weekend batches with flexible timing Sales Force training sessions as per the requirement of a candidate.
Do you have any training center other than Kothrud Pune?
Yes! We have another Salesforce training center at Wakad near Kalewadi Phata in Pune. You can check out the address on our Contact Us Page.
Is there any Demo Sessions available for Salesforce?
Yes! We offer a free demo session for Salesforce training.

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