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About RPA

Robotic process Automation (RPA) refers to the use of software powered robots to carry out regular tasks that are repeatedly done, reducing significantly the time taken and errors committed. The quality of the work is enhanced, and the employees doing that work are freed up for doing more valuable work for the organization. RPA is increasingly being used in combination with artificial learning and machine learning to further enhance the quality of the work done. In fact, the three primary aspects of RPA are screen scraping, automation of workflow, and artificial intelligence. Automation is a buzzword today, and what separates RPA from regular automation is its cognitive abilities which allows it to continuously learn from its experiences to learn to trigger suitable responses and also communicate with other systems.


The coming years bring immense scope for the use of RPA. With robotized automation, the tasks can be completed in much lesser time and with very few or no errors. Additionally, this would reduce the costs to the organization, and allow several employees to be reassigned to other productive responsibilities that bring greater value to them and to the organization. An organization which has embraced RPA can provide much better responses to clients, and internally the processes would be much more efficient. All this offers a huge scope for programmers who would develop software for RPA.

Importance of RPA

There are a wide variety of industries that use RPA. Some examples are banking and financial services (reconciliation of financial statements, processing of exception processing requests, vetting of applications for accounts or cards etc.), insurance (maintenance of user profiles, generation of receipts and certificates, vetting of basic underwriting, servicing of existing policies, processing of claims etc.), healthcare (patient registration and medical record, billing services etc.), and human resource management (onboarding records maintenance, payroll and leave maintenance, compliance, user access and identity generation, exit management etc.). Several companies use RPA for invoicing, billing, customer order processing, data mining and validation, customer relationship management etc.

Role of RPA Training Institute in Viman Nagar Pune for Freshers

It is estimated that by 2035, 35% of all job roles that exist today would have been automated, and a large chunk of these automation efforts would use RPA. The way a company goes about its business, both externally and internally, is rapidly changing and RPA is responsible for a lot of that change. A fresher who takes up the basics of RPA today would become an expert in a few years of sustained work and would be most comfortably placed to ride the crest of the RPA wave that looks set to sweep most organizations in the next 2 decades and beyond.

Why Training Institute Pune

We offer comprehensive courses on UiPath, Open Span, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism as part of our bouquet of RPA courses. The courses are delivered by an expert trainer who has earlier been a Team Lead for over a decade in the IT industry, and is a certified advanced RPA professional. You can Visit our Viman Nagar RPA Training Centerfor more details.