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Training Institute Pune is an institute which defines that if you are really human of 21st Century then you should have a journey through this institute. Here you will learn how to move with Digital Marketing either you will come to know how to business with the help of Digital Marketing or you will come to know how to be smart while you are using Internet. In short i mean to say that Training Institute Pune is very necessary for everyone either for use or to survive in this advance modern world. Great institute for learning digital marketing. Good faculty and good placement opportunities for fresher's. It was helpful because we got to know a lot of SEO's and other aspects.

Sukanya Patil

I have Completed Digital Marketing course from training institute Pune. Way of teaching is very Interactive. The course content is better. One thing I have seen that they are more focused on Practical sessions They provide training on real time project.


I did Digital Marketing course from Training Institute Pune. The entire course was completed within three months. It was great experience of learning Digital Marketing and Its new updates and new trends.Expert trainers providing the best learning approach for digital marketing and seo its overall nice experience of learning Digital Marketing with Training Institute Pune


This Digital Marketing course is very well structured and provides knowledge of Updated concepts taught which can be applied real time Scenario with Live Projects. That is what I love the most about the course. It equips you to apply all the activities that you learn for yourself, Also through studying casestudies you can understand various strategies well that can enhance your digital presence online and helpful for Business development.


I have Completed my Digital Marketing Course from Training Instiute Pune in last (January 2017) month.I must say TIP have some of the most learnt, expressive, practical and knowledgeable trainers on all subjects. Training Institute Pune has given us a good platform for explore our skills, where it is not only about taking training but a long term support that they give while you are doing practicals on Live Projects.While doing work on real time projects there are so many techniques you have to apply for increasing online presence. Thanks to entire team for your efforts in making us digitally smart people.


Search Engine Optimization is a very neatly structured module by the Training Institute Pune Team. The course structure and module has been designed in such a way that even a beginner (like me) could pick up the concepts easily.However, the real appreciation comes when one can implement these topics in some small projects. The tutor (Mr. Milind) is very supportive and helpful to address all the queries and give guidance.

Annanya Mathur

"My experience with the faculty is very great. They have lots of patience to make you understand the SEO concepts and our queries in very well behaved manner. They are beat at their work!”

Daisy Tekade

"Hi, I am Daisy. Milind Sir’s knowledge and experience in SEO Training is immense. I had only the very basic knowledge on digital marketing. But after the completion of course from ‘Training Institute Pune’, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how digital marketing works. Here the training is more practical and less theoretical. I am so confident now that, I can become a SEO consultant on my own and take up projects straightaway. This is the kind of exposure we get here. At ‘SEO Training Institute Pune’ the course is not just on the techniques used to improve the business but also on in-depth analysis of the business, which guarantees you the result."