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Internship Program in Pune


Internship Program in Pune

Everyone is aware of terms such as organic search, social media marketing techniques, difference between SEO & SEM, web development and graphic designing and how important they are in the current scenario. More than 30 percent of jobs listed on LinkedIn are either in digital marketing, web designing or graphic development and thus it is the perfect time for you to groom your skill set. All these have completely revamped the corporate market and are a hot skill to have in the current market.

Digital marketing is an ever-growing that is attracting both individuals and employers from all spheres of work. Recent statistics shows that the demand for candidates acquainted with good knowledge and experience in these fields is increasing. And that is why, there has been a recent surge in agencies that teach and help you excel in these fields. But only learning would not help you be market ready. What you require is hands on job practices and tasks. While there is always a scope to increase your learning curve upwards and that is feasible only under expert
guidance and with proper training.

So whether you are graduate in B-tech or have done BCA, it is a golden opportunity for all of you guys to gain on site experience with a free internship. You will be stationed at Pune and the internship will last for a period of 3 months which will give you an in-depth experience of digital marketing, web development or graphic designing. It not only will help you boost self- confidence but provides you an exciting opportunity to expand the network of contacts. So if you want to start your professional career with a boost, do apply. This will help you to stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in all these domain and what are the lucrative opportunities that will provide you with the well needed motivation to stay ahead of everyone.