Excel VBA Training in Pune

If you know how to run a computer, chances are that you will know how to work with Excel. It is one of the most popular applications of Microsoft and is used by housewives to make a simple shopping list and also by scientists to run complex formulas. Excel is widely used for creating lists, making budgets, forecasting, creating bills and invoices, analyzing data, and creating useful charts from data. Every Excel package also comes with an inbuilt programming language called VBA (visual basic for applications). This is a very useful tool that helps to run programs that can automate and simplify many aspects of Excel. Here are a few excel tasks that can be done in a much better way with the use of VBA.

  • Text String
    Sometimes an excel file would contain a group of works or a phrase several times inside the file. While creating the file, VBA can be used to create a macro which can input that text string at the appropriate places automatically. One simple example in a list of certain things or employees is the name of the company or its products, and this list can be made into a macro of a text string which can then input the list or name several times as per the command of the macro.
  • Custom Command
    Many excel files need to have the same set of commands issued in the same order several times. If these commands can be combined into a single macro, then a lot of time can be saved. The excel file can be easily set up to execute this single command with the help of pressing a single key on the keyword or a single click of the mouse or mouse pad.
  • Mathematical Functions
    Inside Excel, most users use simple mathematical functions like Sum, Average, Product etc. which are inbuilt inside the program. Some programmers also combine some of these functions to create more complex functions and put it inside a macro which can run at the click of a button.
Excel is such a popular program today that there is hardly any office, school or government office that doesn’t use excel. But for the more efficient use of Excel, VBA can be a very valuable tool. It helps to do away with a lot of repetitive and monotonous work, thus freeing up time as well as people for more productive work. The chances of errors are also reduced if a VBA program is used. The biggest advantage of using a VBA program is in crunching humongous amounts of data and doing a useful analysis of that data to get useful insights from the data. The outputs of the excel file would be more efficient if these tools are incorporated using VBA. The benefits are not so visible in the usual excel files that we normally use. But if the excel file has millions of rows and columns, then the real advantage of using VBA is clearly brought out.

In case you do not know the steps to create simple macros using excel VBA, then training in Excel VBA would really prove to be useful. You will find that you do not need to burden yourself with tedious calculations and data entry in excel. If you are working in a corporate environment, you can easily impress others by processing large amounts of data quickly and without error. Once you are conversant with creating basic programs using Excel VBA, you can move on to more complex data analysis. Excel VBA will allow you to extract meaningful insights from large chunks of data and also arrange these insights into user-friendly and easy to read charts and graphs.

There are a number of institutes in Pune providing basic and advanced training in Excel VBA. Before deciding which is the best one for you, you should check the location, duration, and frequency of classes, the cost of the courses, the proportion of practical exercises and short projects in the overall course structure, and of course the cost of the course. An Excel VBA course done from a good institute would really help you make the best use of Excel at work.
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