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As a Leading Organization of Professional Training, Training Institute Pune can offer you the most advanced and effective Digital Marketing Courses in Pune and Wakad (Pimpri-Chinchwad) as per the latest market demand. You can get a complete knowledge about this subject from our experts. However, there are lots of sectors that you may wish to know about in details before you join the course and get the training.

What Is Digital Marketing

"Digital Marketing " is one of those marketing or advertisement strategies that can help you to promote your business to your target clients. However, as the very name suggests, here digital world is the platform where you have to promote your brand. That means internet will become your focusing area and you have to target the customers who use the internet to buy or search for Something.

It is not compulsory that you have a website to use the process of Digital Marketing Courses and promote your business. There can be a brick and mortar store and you can promote it through some excellent online marketing plans as well.

However, Digital Marketing is not a single process, but it is an amalgamation of multiple strategies. You can use any of them or apply all of them as per your requirement. The Training will help you to select the right process as per the current status of the business.


Some Useful Strategies Of Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ad-Words
  • Google Map Marketing

When you learn the course in detail you will notice that some of these Digital Marketing sections have some useful sub-sections as well and all of them have some unique and effective role in the process which is known as Digital Marketing.

What Is The Significance Of Digital Marketing In Modern Business

The significance of Digital Marketing is immense in the modern business world. When you start using the same you realize how helpful and significant it can be for the growth of your business. There are lots of small and mid-sized businesses that get a lot of help through this. On the other hand, big companies achieve a greater success through regular and various types of Digital Marketing plans. There are lots of companies that do not even have any website. Nonetheless, this cannot stop them from getting the help of the internet marketing plans. They can easily promote their brick and mortar stores or conventional businesses through digital and social platforms.

There are some simple steps and some easy techniques which you need to follow to promote your business online. Once you start using the same then you can realize that you have reached to a certain number of people with your products or services and increase your sales. The ROI of your business will enhance automatically. More and more people become aware of your business and feel interested in buying your products or services. In this way, a successful Digital Marketing Courses in Pune will assist you to enjoy a proper augmentation in any kind of business; irrespective to the size and type of the same.

Moreover, you can do a lot of things with the help of Digital Marketing Classes . You can promote your products online, you can make people aware of your new items or business wing, you can entertain them and share some important information regarding your business. That means “Digital Marketing is not only your marketing or promotional trick, but it can do multiple tasks to manage and optimize your business in a smooth and smart manner.” There is one more thing you can gain from Online Marketing Courses in Pimpri- Chinchwad. Once you start applying these techniques you can achieve an insight regarding the behavior of your target customers, their needs and preferences. You can then prepare your next strategies according to the same.

Why The Training Is Crucial?

Digital Marketing is a technical matter, and like all the other technical subjects here also a proper professional Training is required. Thus, we offer the top class Digital Marketing Training to the candidates who wish to have a bright career as a Digital Marketing Expert or want to promote their own business with the help of the same.

Get Thorough Knowledge

The Course can teach you a lot of things about Digital Marketing. You need to get detail information about these topics to perform the task as a professional. Without the training you will not feel confident about the techniques and their proper utilization. You may know the names of the strategies like SEO, SMO or email marketing; but you might not know how and where to apply them. Different types of businesses may need various strategies. The technique which is important for a local furniture store may not be good enough for an international real estate company. On the other hand, the method you must apply to promote an online game may not right for an online training institute.

Get Complete Guidance

These differences can be understood by a professional only when he gets the right training on this subject. Students will receive the guidance of the experts of this industry who can teach them about the core marketing strategies and the pattern of competencies to help the business in a strategic manner. The training we provide has both practical and theoretical guidance. You can get the chance to work on live projects so that you can receive experience of handling original Digital Marketing Campaigns for various companies and improve your skill.

Get Updated And Relevant Information

Our training includes all the updated information regarding Google and other SERP ranking factors. You can know the latest algorithm of Google and understand how you should plan your SEO or SMO strategies to match the same. Once your Digital Marketing skill mixes with updated information then you can easily plan a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Know The Right And Wrong

Like every other strategies here also some processes are forbidden and should not be tried by you. You can know about those techniques only when you join the classes and get the training from the experts of Training Institute Pune. This is very critical to know because otherwise you may apply some of those forbidden or banned techniques in your online marketing plan and get some negative result from Google or other search engines. The training will save you and your business from such circumstances.

What Is The Role Of Trainers

No matter what you are learning, your teacher or the faculty must be a skilled and knowledgeable one. Here in our Digital Marketing Institute in Pune you can receive the guidance of the most talented, highly-qualified and immensely experienced faculties of Digital Marketing industry. They have complete knowledge about the advance theories of this subject. They know about the latest algorithm and all the current techniques that you should apply while performing the task of online marketing.

They offer basic and advanced training as per the knowledge and experience of the students. They also take care of the individual’s limitation and strength as a student and guide them to obtain the right training in the smartest manner.

Once You Join Us

Once you join Training Institute Pune, then you can realize that how easy it could be to learn Digital Marketing Courses. You can learn the analyzing the business that you wish to promote, selecting the most effective strategies for the same and then executing them in a flawless manner. You will also learn how to understand the mistakes you have done in your previous projects and try to rectify them after getting the training from us.

Since we have various branches in Pune, which means you can flexibly join the classes as per your convenience. Some of the best features of our Best Digital Marketing Training in Pune are-
  • We offer thorough technical and theoretical training regarding all the above mentioned sections and their relevant sub-sections.
  • We provide highly advanced course modules that has relevancy according to the current market trend.
  • We use interactive sessions with our students in our classes so that they can clear all their doubts and get complete knowledge about a certain topic.
  • Our courses are for both the Digital Marketing experts who wish to get jobs in reputed IT firms and for the entrepreneurs who like to augment the position of their own business.
  • To make the training more effective for them we offer live projects.
  • We also offer certification after the course so that your skill can be certified and recognized in the professional industry.
  • We offer our courses at an affordable rate so that the course fees will not become a burden for the aspiring candidates.
  • We can offer 100% job assistance once you complete the course and become a skilled professional.

We will be happy to provide you with the latest training as per the current market need of Digital Marketing Industry and help you to become an expert of this field. Feel free to get in touch with our team and know the details of the course as per your requirement. Our team will be happy to help you with all the relevant and detail information regarding this course.


  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Persons from marketing & sales field can join course as it can help them market their products and services online. It will help them fast-track their career & improve their position in the current market-place as per current market trends.
    • Entrepreneurs (Business Owner’s):
    Business owners who want to maximize their online channels for growth their business & those who are planning to start your own business can go for digital marketing training as well.
    • Students:
    No matter in which area you are pursuing graduation or degree, may it a Human Resource, Finance & Marketing, Sales or starting your own business, you cannot utilize skills of digital marketing in-depth.
    • Career Change:
    Those who are looking for a change in their career & better career options, Digital Marketing Training will definitely help you in career growth.
    • Freelancers:
    Those who are looking freelancing work or work from home jobs can go for Digital Marketing Training in Pune to explore the opportunities in this digital world.


  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Learn from the basics of internet and web programming
  • Personal attention given to each & every participant during the training program
  • Live Projects
  • Batches with limited seats
  • Weekdays & Weekend batches as per your suitability.
  • Batches with limited seats
  • We have one or more training centers.
  • Two training centers for your convenience: Kothrud and Wakad
    • If you are located in Kothrud or nearby areas like Karve Nagar, Warje-Malwadi, Bhusari Colony, Shivaji Nagar etc. then our branch in located a short distance away from you i.e. Vanaz Corner, Kothrud.
    • If you are located in Pimpri Chinchwad or nearby areas like Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Chinchwad, Balewadi, Sangvi, Dapodi etc. then you can visit our branch in Wakad near Kalewadi Phata.


Search Engine Basics
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Importance of Digital Marketing
  • Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.
  • What do you know about Google?
  • How the Search Engine works?
  • Search Engine Ranking Factors.
  • Google Sandbox effect
  • Understanding the SERP.
  • Understanding Google eco system.
  • Understanding Google snippets.
  • Different Search Operators.
  • Page Rank Technology.
  • Panda Update and its Importance.
  • Penguin Update and its importance
Search Engine Optimization
  • On Page
  • Off Page
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools
Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Management Tool(SMMT)
    • Social Media Dashboard
    • SMMT Connection with Social Media Platforms.
    • Analytics for SMMT
  • Blogging
    • Blogging for Branding
    • Five Blogging Tips
    • Blogging for Sales
    • Promotion and Calls to Action
    • Blogging for SEO
  • Facebook
    • Facebook for Branding
    • Using Facebook as Company
    • Facebook for Sales
    • Facebook Ads
    • Facebook for SEO
    • Tracking Activity and Results
  • Twitter
    • Twitter for Branding
    • Twitter for Sales
    • Promote Your Products and Services
    • Responding to Users’ Needs
    • Twitter for SEO
    • Tools, Services, and Management
    • Tracking Activity and Results
  • YouTube
    • YouTube for Branding
    • Examples of YouTube Channels
    • Subscribers
    • YouTube for Sales
    • YouTube for SEO
    • Other Video Sites
  • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn for Branding
    • Company Profile
    • Encouraging Employees to Use LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn for Sales
    • LinkedIn for SEO
    • LinkedIn Ads
Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Snapshot of SEM Industry
  • Advantages of SEM over Other Marketing Methods
  • Organic vs. Paid Traffic
  • Marketing Plan
  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Navigating through Google AdWords
  • Understanding Google AdWords Structure
  • Working with Keywords
  • Writing Ads in Google Adwords
  • Understanding Google’s Text Ad Structure
  • Reporting
Integrating Google Analytics with Google AdWords


“Myself Sayanika Gupta. I have completed my digital marketing course from training institute pune. I came to know about this institute as I have searched it from Google as SEO training institute in pune. After completion of course I have got placed at Everest Web solutions. That is really a boom to my career. I am thankful to all faculty members for their guidance during training sessions. 3 Cheers for Training Institute Pune.”

Sayanika Gupta

“It’s a very good class and course, and I feel very privileged to have taken it.”

Chetana Patil

“I would review it in three words. ‘Enlightening’, ‘Enriching’, ‘Empowering’”

Rohit Deshmukh

“The knowledge of the trainer was excellent. Overall I had great experience while digital marketing courses. I strongly recommend this Institute for people in marketing research fields and fresher level candidates.”

Anand Agrawal

“Best about this institute is quality course content and the well qualified trainer. I like the hands-on approach that has made me confident to handle a Google AdWords account & to become a web master.

Mayur. K.

“After completing Digital Marketing class in pune there was change in my career pathways. Now, I am working as expert in this field. All credits goes to Training Institute Pune to providing such inteactive sessions.”

Kedar Pande

“Digital marketing training program has helped me understand the concepts of Digital Marketing. The trainer was very motivating and experienced one. I am glad to have been part of it by getting certified as a digital marketer.”

Gurupreet Khalsa

“I was just a graduate before taking admission to digital marketing course. They helped me out by their hands-on approach and it was really beneficial for me at time of my interview sessions. My overall experience was great.”

Abhijeet Pohare

“While undergoing digital marketing training sessions they have enriched my understanding on digital platform within marketing. I would say it is Best Institute for SEO courses in Pune.”

Neha Khandelwal

“I have joined the Digital Marketing training program to enhance my knowledge of running an AdWords campaign. The trainer’s extensive knowledge gave me in-depth insights for topics covered.”

Ashwin Reddy

“They have best communication between faculty and students which adds up to a great experience during training sessions. They covered all topics as per today’s online marketer. I am always glad to be part of Digital Marketing & Training Institute Pune had made it possible for me enhance all those concepts & methodologies.”

Arif Khan

Digital Marketing Training Web Page FAQ’s

    1. What is Digital Marketing?
    Digital Marketing is broad term through which we can market our products & services through electronic and social media. It provides various promotional techniques & methodologies which is deployed to reach customers via digital technologies.
    1. Is there any Demo Sessions available digital marketing?
    Yes! We offer a free demo session for digital marketing courses in Pune.
    1. How can I enroll to digital marketing course?
    After completing inquiry for digital marketing course you can enroll yourself by registering online OR manually. Our consultant will guide you for enrolling process.
    1. How long does it take to complete Course?
    Digital marketing course duration is 2 months for Weekend batches to complete training sessions.
    1. What type of degree you will provide after completion of training?
    You will be provided with industry recognized Certificate in Digital Marketing for after completing digital marketing training. Certificate will be valid all over India.
    1. What would I learn during digital marketing training sessions?
    Digital Marketing Courses will cover basic and advance digital channels and topics.
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Web Analysis Tools & Techniques
    • Email marketing
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    1. Is there any Job Assistance provided from your side after completing the training?
    Yes! You will get 100% Job Assistance after completing Digital Marketing course
    1. What kind of practical experience I will be provided?
    While undergoing training you will be provided live projects to work on. So that you can get hands-on experience and learn digital marketing techniques and methodologies.
    1. What is the qualification required before enrolling me for the course?
    Enrolling course you are required to have knowledge of basic HTML and basic computer knowledge.
    1. Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?
    Yes! For working professional we offer weekend batches so that timing would be flexible to attend training sessions.
    1. Can we use our personal web sites as case studies during the courses?
    Yes! While undergoing course you can use your personal websites to study and case studies.
    1. Do you have any training center other than Kothrud location in Pune?
    Yes! We have another Digital Marketing training center located at Wakad near Kalewadi Phata in Pune. You can check out address on our Contact Us Page.



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  • I got Various Concepts of Digital Marketing & E-Marketing from TIP and thanks a lot for giving me beautiful touch with SEO SMO and PPC.

    Santosh Pandagale
  • My experience with the faculty is very Immense. He has lots of patience and he goes to extra miles to make you understand the SEO concepts.

    Deepak Tiwari
  • I have completed my SEO Training from the Optimized Infotech in last month. And now I got the great source of income from the many fields. Teaching staff of Optimized Infotech pointed out ways where I can do better for my future career too and boost my income in legitimately creative ways. They are always there to answer.

    Vaibhav A. Babhulgaonkar
  • TIP is optimised our life in Digital Marketing. And it gives new idea to explore my business. It was great experience with TIP. It gave us practicle knowledge about all the terms of SEO, SEM, SMO. And lastly it is one of the BEST institute in Pune for SEO training.

    Parmeshwar Swami
  • The team at TIP is organized and focused. I have completed Digital Marketing training there in 2013. During this training period, I learnt most of the aspects of Digital Marketing which typically involve SEO, SMO & PPC.

    Bishnu Bhattacharjee


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