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Data Science Training Courses in Vimannagar Pune

About Data Science

Enterprises generate humongous amounts of data every day from their internal operations and external customer transactions. All this data needs to be kept secure, stored without loss, and most importantly, need to be mined and analysed efficiently in order to provide usable insights to the owner of the data. Data Science utilises static as well as streaming data to run algorithms which can then provide insights which can help the business take the best strategic decisions. R is one of the leading programming languages used by data scientists today. It has a bunch of statistical tools and also allows graphic visualization of the outputs. This makes the process of data science more usable by an enterprise. R is not a simple statistical system, but is a programming language which runs statistical programs to give useful inputs to the enterprise.

Scope Of Data Science

Because more and more companies are waking up to the fact that they are sitting on huge piles of data which can be constructively harnessed to give a boost to their business goals, R has assumed great importance today, and looks set to go from strength to strength in the coming years. A good indicator is the high average salaries drawn by R programmers. Because it allows for easy integration with other languages, hence its utility is set to keep growing. R is already being utilised by all the leading companies like SAP, Oracle, Facebook, Google, IBM, Bing, Mozilla, and Thomas Cook to help provide useful insights from data to their clients.

Importance of Data Science into business

Google (for ROI calculations), Ford (for improved design), Twitter (for user experience models), US National Weather Service (for flood prediction), New York Times (for creation of infographics) are just some of the companies which have embraced R for their data science initiatives aligned to their business strategy. No programming language has grabbed the attention of technology geeks as much as R has. Apart from the inherent advantages of R, a programmer also gets advantageous features like solid community support, visualization packages, markdown, RStudio etc.

Role of Data Science Training in Vimana Nagar Pune for Freshers

As we step into 2018, there is a shortage of almost 200000 data scientists against the requirement. If this is the case now, just imagine where the gap will go in the years to come, when Big Data and its harnessing using R would take off even further. A fresher who takes up a Data Science training course in Viman Nagar for R would get exposed to its rich visualization features and also learn how best to use the power of big data. Because it is open source and also because of the vibrant R community, the fresher who goes into R will be easily able to share code and also learn from other experts. Attractive salaries and a glittering career await a fresher who takes up a Data Science Training Program with R Programming in Viman Nagar Pune.

Why Training Institute Pune (TIP)

We have an advanced course on Data Science using R programming language, which offers you the best combination of a top class faculty, hands on practice time and exposure to real projects.