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Best Data Science with R Programming Training Institute in Pune

R programming is a widely popular open-source programming language that is immensely used as an open source analytics tool all around the globe. Loaded with plenty of features, the language allows the users to carry out various statistical studies with pre-defined packages and libraries. With so many advantages for data science, R is steadily growing popular among specialists of Big Data. Having sound knowledge of this language may facilitate a person to do well in his or her career.
This certification course is designed to offer a broad introduction to R programming. We Training Institute Pune introduce this course to enable the students to confine a detailed learning experience of
Data Science via R programming language. The students gain knowledge of how to load, save and transform data. Simultaneously, they discover the basic concepts of function, charts and statistical models with the data. The course content has a perfect combination of theoretical and practical learning on R. Unlike other courses, it focuses on developing practical knowledge and skills required in data investigation and visualization, etc.
People, who have a desire to become a data scientist, can find the complete starting material in this course. It is not a primary course, but it is an advanced course that focuses on extrapolative modeling as
well as realistic tools. In order to train the students and make them ready for great, successful future, weekly tasks, case studies, and other stuff are offered by the institute. The basic motto of the course is to develop crucial skills of processing, maneuvering and scrutinizing data of diverse categories. The course content is geared up to create sophisticated visualizations, producing testimony, and recording the codes.
To acquire a good position in the domain, it is must to have an in-depth knowledge of R programming technically. The certification course does not educate the students on how to use the programming language for data science, but it trains the students on how to use it for various operations.

Major Attractions of Data Science with R Programming Training

  • Real-Time Industry Projects from Different Domains
  • Hands-on Practice with R
  • Experienced and Talented Trainers
  • Flexible Timings
  • Comprehensive Course Content
  • Small Classes
  • Career Guidance and Support

At Training Institute Pune, we are dedicated to preparing future professionals who can contribute to the success of their employers with extensive knowledge and experience. We boast a team of highly skilled and dedicated trainers who have hands-on industry experience with R programming. We don’t hire inexperienced people or trainers from any irrelevant domain to train the students. But, we hire trainers after proper inspection and research to fulfill our commitments with the students. Depending upon the specific requirements of the students, we offer regular baths, weekday or weekend batches. In addition, we have some fast track batches. We have ideal size classes where every student gets equal attention from the tutors. On special request of the client, “we can offer one-to-one training on data service with R programming”. The trainers cover all important aspects of R Programming, which is
essential from the industry prospect.
We have various branches in Pune and we offer a certification course in every branch. With an intention to assist various organizations, we are devoted to building a team of Data Scientist who are well-versed with R programming. We don’t just focus on improving practical knowledge of a student, but we also focus on
the placement of the students in leading companies. Cracking the interviews is the topmost challenges for aspiring professionals. Being an expert in our domain, we understand this fact is to prepare the students to face all these problems. All our participants
are capable to clear the interviews. We assist the candidates in the initial stage with our guidance and suggestions. When it comes to course free, our fee is quite reasonable at Training Institute Pune. Interested candidates can contact us to know more about our course fee, we will be more than happy to entertain your queries.
We regularly update the website to inform the candidates about new batches, batch timings and the start date of various batches. Visit our website regularly for current details and information.


  • Here’s a simple List for you to assess if you have all the pre-requisites to learn data science and become an enterprise data scientist-
  • Have a Master’s /Ph.D./Graduate Degree in any of the STEM fields.
  • Know the ABC’s of programming.
  • Know the basics of SQL
  • Have a passion to develop business acumen
  • Curious about playing with data
  • Familiar with the basic math and statistic concepts


  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Learn from the basics and advanced level of Data Science
  • Personal attention is given to each & every participant during the training program
  • Batches with limited seats
  • Weekend batches as per your suitability of the candidate.
  • Learn Data Science the most needed technology for IT
  • Professionals from an industrial experienced trainer you’ll learn how to use the entity data framework
  • Two training centers for your convenience: Kothrud and Wakad
  • If you are located in Kothrud or nearby areas like Karve Nagar, Warje-Malwadi, Bhusari Colony, Shivaji Nagar etc. then our branch is located a short distance away from you i.e. Vanaz Corner, Kothrud.
  • If you are located in Pimpri Chinchwad or nearby areas like Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Chinchwad, Balewadi, Sangvi, Dapodi etc. then you can visit our branch in Wakad near Kalewadi Phata.


Introduction to Data Science
  • Need for Data Scientists
  • Foundation of Data Science
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • What is Data Analysis
  • What is Data Mining
  • What is Machine Learning
  • Analytics vs Data Science
  • Value Chain
  • Types of Analytics
  • Lifecycle Probability
  • Analytics Project Lifecycle
  • Basis of Data Categorization
  • Types of Data
  • Data Collection Types
  • Forms of Data & Sources
  • Data Quality & Changes
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Data Quality Story
  • What is Data Architecture
  • Components of Data Architecture
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • How is Data Stored?
Big Data [Just a Brief There is a Separate Course on this]
  • What is Big Data?
  • 5 Vs of Big Data
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Big Data Challenge
  • Big Data Requirements
  • Big Data Distributed Computing & Complexity
  • Hadoop
  • Map Reduce Framework
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
Data Science Deep Dive
  • What Data Science is
  • Why Data Scientists are in demand
  • What is a Data Product
  • The growing need for Data Science
  • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
  • Data Science Skills
  • Data Science Use Cases
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
  • Map Reduce Framework
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Data Acquisition
  • Where to source data
  • Techniques
  • Evaluating input data
  • Data formats
  • Data Quantity
  • Data Quality
  • Resolution Techniques
  • Data Transformation
  • File format Conversions
  • Anonymization
R Programming Concepts [Programming]
  • The data types in R and its uses
  • Built-in functions in R
  • Subsetting methods
  • Summarize data using functions
  • Use of functions like head(), tail(), for inspecting data
  • Use-cases for problem solving using R
Data Manipulation in R [Programming]
  • Various phases of Data Cleaning
  • Functions used in Inspection
  • Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Uses of functions involved
  • Use-cases for Data Cleaning using R
Data Import Techniques in R [Programming]
  • Import data from spreadsheets and text files into R
  • Importing data from statistical formats
  • Packages installation for database import
  • Connecting to RDBMS from R using ODBC and basic SQL queries in R
  • Web Scraping
  • Other concepts on Data Import Techniques
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using R [Programming]
  • What is EDA?
  • Why do we need EDA?
  • Goals of EDA
  • Types of EDA
  • Implementing of EDA
  • Boxplots, cor() in R
  • EDA functions
  • Multiple packages in R for data analysis
  • Some fancy plots
  • Use-cases for EDA using R
Data Visualization in R [Programming]
  • Story telling with Data
  • Principle tenets
  • Elements of Data Visualization
  • Infographics vs Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization & Graphical functions in R
  • Plotting Graphs
  • Customizing Graphical Parameters to improvise the plots
  • Various GUIs
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Other Visualization concepts
Intro to R Programming [Programming]
  • Introduction to R
  • Business Analytics
  • Analytics concepts
  • The importance of R in analytics
  • R Language community and eco-system
  • Usage of R in industry
  • Installing R and other packages
  • Perform basic R operations using command line
  • Usage of IDE R Studio and various GUI


  1. What do you Mean By Data Science (Data Analytics)?
    Data science is at its exponential uptake today and is expected to power the future. Business is producing data at a rapid pace which exceeds the capacity to extract value from it. Data is the strongest strait of any business today. The need for making smarter and faster data-driven decisions is increasing exponentially. The main goal of data science is to build robust decision-making capabilities around evidence-based analytical rigor. Data science enables the creation of data products that acquire value from the data.
  2. Why Should I Join this Courses?
    You want to gain specialization in Data Science You are just starting out your career in data science. You want to advance in your current job role. You want to switch careers.
  3. What are the Career Opportunities in Data Science?
    Data Scientists are some of the most sought after professionals in the world of big data analysis. Companies are pulling all stops to efficiently analyze the data that their business is generating. Every company, government program or institution that uses data are looking to hire data scientists. At any given point of time, job portals have over 100,000 data science open positions worldwide.
  4. Who Will Teach Me?
    The faculty at Training Institute Pune are all experienced Data Scientists have the best experience in the Industry. All our faculty is working professionals. All your instructors will be industry practitioners of Python / Data Science. They have all been approved to teach Data Science at Training Institute Pune, after going through a series of stringent tests. So you can be assured that whatever you are learning is cutting edge and industry relevant.
  5. Is There any Webinar?
    Yes, we Provide free Webinar Session for Data Science Courses, which help you to clear idea about Data Science, you may ask different queries during this Webinar.
  6. How long does it take to complete the Course?
    Data Science course duration is 3 months for Weekend batches to complete training sessions.
  7. Is there any Job Assistance provided from your side after completing the training?
    Yes! You will get 100% Job Assistance after completing Data Analytics (Data Science Training in Pune)
  8. How can I enroll in Data Science course?
    After completing inquiry for Data Science course you can enroll yourself by registering online OR manually. Our consultant will guide you for the enrolling process.
  9. Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?
    Yes! We organize a weekend batch with flexible timing for training sessions as per the requirement of the candidate.
  10. Do you have any training center other than Kothrud location in Pune?
    Yes! We have another Data Science training center located at Wakad near Kalewadi Phata in Pune. You can check out the address on our Contact Us Page.
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