Be it a student, accountant or any businessman, excel is a computer software program in which everybody wishes to excel due to its varied applications in day-to-day life. In most of the workplaces, employees are required to have a good command over excel. Thus, proficiency in Excel is a must in today’s working environment.

It helps in making persuasive business reports. Attractive visual presentations often prove to be instrumental in cracking great deals. Moreover, conditional formatting helps in bringing the most important data to the front.
It is a spreadsheet program used to store numerical data in grids. Hence, it is helpful in calculating and analyzing sales or taxes for businesses.
Data can be converted into pie charts, bar graphs which make things easier to comprehend.
Text-based data can also be stored such as employee list, addresses etc.
Excel offers many such tools which make tasks easier. So, no need to worry even if you are poor at mathematics. Excel is there to calculate trends and decipher profits on your behalf.

Everybody knows excel but what will make you stand out at your workplace? Offcourse, exemplary skills in advanced excel. knowledge of advanced excel will differentiate you from others when it comes to obtaining job opportunities. Also, once you get into the workplace it helps in saving a lot of time for you. Time is money. All you need to learn are the complex functions necessary to run the program. It will help you in enhancing your management skills as well.

Excel would be a mere data keeping tool without formulas. Anyone can use SUM or IF but SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, MATCHUP etc. will help you in crunching bulks of data. An efficient Microsoft excel user is well-versed in formulas. Some of the features of advanced excel are: Advanced charting: data buried in a spreadsheet is of no use. One can create dynamic and interactive charts using sparklines. Pivot tables: These are helpful in analyzing large amounts of data and answering simple queries in a few seconds. VBA and Macros: It permits one to give instructions to excel and get things done. What-if analysis: It allows the user to try different values for formulas in order to see who those formulas will affect outcomes. To become an advanced excel user, you need to have a good command of all the above features and many more.

Pune has a number of institutes offering a training course in Advanced Excel, the popular ones being:

It has been provided advanced excel training to professionals and individuals since 2001. They have customized training modules for B-schools and MBA colleges. Domain-specific excel training is also provided in marketing, HR and finance. MS Excel VBA and macro training, finance modeling with excel, data analysis and visualization are some of the modules available here.

It provides a certificate course in advanced excel for 20 days. Expert level training is provided in the pivot table, functions, chart and macro for intelligent data projection.

Complete excel menu options, charts, and dynamic charts, advanced array formulas with nesting and report automation are taught to professionals, MBA, BBA, and CA students.

It claims to have conducted more than 50 corporate training and has trained more than 5000 professionals on advanced excel. The course content includes LOOKUP functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP), pivot tables, logical functions, statistical functions, chart data techniques, advanced sorting, hyperlink and many more.

ETL hive welcomes people from varied domains – finance, MBA, banking professionals etc. The course structure includes designing templates, functions and superpowers, excel interactivity, graphics, sparklines and intricacies involved with these.

Many recruiters opine that merely having knowledge in excel is of no use. Certification in Advanced excel is important to be hired in multi-national companies. However other opportunities being that of becoming excel analyst, data analyst, MIS executive, research analyst and business analyst.

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