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AngularJS is a framework that is used by many web developers who use HTML as a template language. This javascript framework allows you to extend the HTML’s syntax to explain the components of an application clearly. HTML has restrictions when it comes to expressing views of web applications. However, AngularJS allows you to expand the vocabulary available on HTML so that you can tell more about an application. AngularJS makes it easier to make an app more comfortable to read, express and also develop. AngularJS training Institute in Pune is essential for all web developers if they are to compete effectively in this industry.

Features found in AngularJS that make it popular with web developers

Data binding:

This is one of the most sought-after features of the AngularJS. Rather than writing a lot of boilerplate codes, the use of AngularJS will save you a lot of time since it simplifies the process. 80% of the code base of a web application is dedicated to manipulating, traversing and listening to the DOM. When you use data binding, the codes disappear, and you are able to concentrate on the application. Rather than going back and forth between DOM and the web app you are creating, the use of AngularJS synchronizes the system, so the developer does not need to go back and forth between the DOM and the web app he is working on.

The use of Dependency injection (DI)

The built-in DI subsystem helps in making applications more accessible to use by web developers. This helps the developers to understand and test the applications quite easily. DI gives a developer the opportunity, and instead of going to look for them himself, the DI does the searching and provides the information the developer needs.


The directives found in AngularJS are used to create custom HTML tags. This feature helps to manipulate DOM features in surprising ways that every web developer needs to find out. They certainly make website development more interesting.

It can be used to test codes written in Javascript

AngularJS was designed to be able to test any codes written in Javascript especially because Javascript is dynamic and needs to be interpreted. Tests will make it possible for web developers to get the codes right every time they use them.  It is crucial for website designers and developers to understand this feature in AngularJS so that they can use it effectively and efficiently.

Why it is essential for web developers to get AngularJS training in Pune

The language of web development

The language used in web development is specific, and it is vital for anyone interested in learning how to interpret the codes used to go for adequate training. There is no way a web developer can be able to interpret the codes and even work with the softwares available if he does not understand the language used. You can only get it right if you go for AngularJS training in Pune.

Most businesses demand the use of websites

Today many businesses require a web developer who understands the changes in technology and how to use them effectively. The only way you can be part of the most sought-after web developers is if you actually know how to design a website using the right tools available at your disposal.

There are many institutions that offer AngularJS Courses in Pune. It is of utmost importance to carry out adequate research on those that offer comprehensive training so that you can get value for many. Many training institutes have come up knowing the demand that is available for this training. Some of them do not have the right expertise. If you are looking for the best trainers, it is important to seek reviews on the institutions and trainers available.

An excellent institution will undoubtedly have positive reviews. More importantly, you need to be interested in learning web development. It needs someone who is interested in learning the process because the codes can be overwhelming sometimes. However, once you are done with the training, you are guaranteed of a job market that is demanding your services. You can only get this right by training for the right course.


  • Student and job seekers who are willing to build their career in development
  • Candidate needs a basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Java Script
  • Professional Java / .NET/ PHP Developers can attend AngularJS training.
  • Beneficial for hardcore front end developers


  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Learn AngularJS from basic to advance.
  • Personal attention given to each & every participant during the training program
  • Batches with limited seats
  • Weekend batches as per your suitability.
  • Learn AngularJS the most needed technology for IT Professionals from industrial experienced trainer
  •  There are 3 training centers where you can appear as per your convenience in Kothrud, Shivajinagar and Wakad.
    • If you are located in Kothrud or nearby areas like Karve Nagar, Warje-Malwadi, Bhusari Colony etc. then our branch in located a short distance away from you i.e. Vanaz Corner, Kothrud.
    • If you are located in Pimpri Chinchwad or nearby areas like Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Chinchwad, Balewadi, Sangvi, Dapodi etc. then you can visit our branch in Wakad near Kalewadi Phata.
    • If you are located in Shivajinagar or nearby areas then you can visit our branch in Fergusson College Road, Shivajinagar.


AngularJS Course Content

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Overview
  • Setting up the environment
  • Getting Started with Angular JS
  • MVC architecture of Angular JS
  • Understanding First Application
  • Understanding Directives in Detail
  • Expressions and Data Binding
  • Understanding Controllers
  • Understanding Filters
  • Working with HTML DOM Directives
  • Different Modules in Angular
  • Understanding Views
  • Forms
  • Bootstrap Form
  • Validations
  • Understanding Services
  • Routing
  • Exception Handling
  • Dependency Injection
  • Custom Directives

Angular 2.0 Course Content

  • Introduction about Building Blocks of Angular 2
  • Setting up Environment
  • What is TypeScript
  • Writing First Application
  • Component
  • Templates & Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Pipes
  • Dependency Injection
  • Angular 2 Forms
  • Routing
  • Server Side Communication
  • Testing Angular 2 Application
  • Migrating from AngularJS 1.x to Angular 2

Note : For detail syllabus, please fill above form.

Please check MEAN STACK syllabus here for complete MEAN development.


“I am Sneha from Pune. I have taken AngularJS training at Training Institute Pune. I have learned basic & advanced topics through in-depth knowledge professional trainer.”

-Sneha Marathe

“I don’t think even a little bit to pay for this AngularJS training as I am taking up such a knowledge sharing consortium. I strongly recommend this training Institute for every seasoned programmer and architects to boost up career.”

-Shrirama Pillay

“I had overall excellent learning experience with interactive training sessions. I would like to recommend for AngularJS training.”

-Khushi Gupta

“The course was well structured and covered practical application, implementation as well as best practices.”

-Amol Bhagat


  1. What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly.

  1. Who should go for AngularJS training program?
  • Students
  • Candidate needs a basic HTML knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Java Script
  • Professional Java Developer can attend AngularJS training.
  1. What is the duration of the courses?

8 Weekends | 2-3 Hrs. (Sat-Sun)

  1. Can I get Job assistance after I complete the AngularJS course?

Yes! You will be offered 100% Job Assistance after completion of course.

  1. Why should I choose Training Institute Pune for AngularJS Classes in Pune?
  • Classes are limited to 10 students to provide personalized training instead of huge batch system.
  • Learn latest techniques
  • Provide hands-on training on live projects.
  • Offer Internship programs mostly beneficial for job seekers.
  • We provide training and consulting services.
  • Weekend batches best suited for students or working professionals.
  1. How can I enroll to AngularJS course?

After completing inquiry for AngularJS course you can enroll yourself by registering online OR manually. Our consultant will guide you for enrolling process.

  1. Do you offer flexible timing for working professionals?

Yes! We organize a weekend batches with flexible timing.

  1. Do you have any training center other than Kothrud location in Pune?

Yes! We have another AngularJS training center located at Wakad near Kalewadi Phata in Pune. You can check out address on our Contact Us Page.


From Our Blog

Best AngularJS and Angular2 Training Institute Pune

Best AngularJS & Angular2 Training Institute Pune

AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source web application framework which can be added to an HTML page along with a tag. It is a library written in JavaScript which extends HTML attributes with directives & binds data to HTML with expressions.

It simplifies development and testing of applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) architecture, commonly used in rich internet applications.

Why AngularJS Course?

  • There are plenty of frameworks and plugins available.
  • It is comprehensive Web Toolkit, which compiles Java down to JavaScript.
  • It provides a complete solution for front-end development.
  • AngularJS is becoming a dominant JavaScript framework for professional web development.

Learn the AngularJS, Angular2,4&5 from the Professional Experts of JavaScript:-

Not all of us are familiar with a course named AngularJS, 2, 4, 5 course. It is a JavaScript open source web application which is generally meant to be summed up on your HTML page and comes along with a tag. If we speak of it in a layman’s language then it is a library which is written in the Java Scripts and has HTML attributes along with tags that are going to link your data to the HTML with expressions. People are thinking of getting trained in AngularJS as it is very high in demand these days by the professionals who want their systems to work on it. It is so because this enables you to simplify the development and testing of the applications on a specified framework for the client-side model–view–controller (MVC) architecture, commonly used in rich internet applications.

Best AngularJS Training Institute in Pune:

We have been running this training institute since a long time now and we have made sure of the fact that all the candidates that join us at our institute get the best knowledge with the proper guidance on the course. We aim at bringing ample knowledge on the subject we teach here at Training Institute Pune. Since the development and evolution of IT, the sector in our world people have been going crazy over these new courses which have made things easier for many of them and that is why courses like AngularJS, Angular2 Angular4 & Angular5 are in high demand by corporate professionals.

Why Training Institute in Pune:

First, we are having everything that you need to become a professional in the AngularJS. And if we talk about why we are the best amongst the various others in the city then here are a few things for you to know like:

  1. We make you the experts in Building RIA using AngularJS framework.
  2. We also are training you on how to exploit two-way binding provided by AngularJS.
  3. We are teaching you how to maintain things in a better way by making you understand the dependency injection.
  4. We will get you full acknowledgment on the use of various directives that are being offered by AngularJS.
  5. The toughest part is to perform the developmental functions in JavaScript and that is what we are succeeding at teaching our candidates and making them master that art.

Advantages of getting trained by us:

There are a lot of advantages but a few of them are listed as followed:

  • You are going to get 100% placement assistance so that you are assured of the fact that whenever your course is complete you are getting out with a job in your hand.
  • There is a personal level guidance given to each and every candidate during the course because each of you is important to us.
  • If you are working already then we have the weekend batches especially for you if you can’t make it during the weekdays.

•    There are 3 training centers where you can appear as per your convenience in Kothrud, Shivajinagar and Wakad.

Best Courses for Fresher’s – Angularjs Training In Pune

Angular JS training is the training of JavaScript framework and is very useful nowadays. Individuals trained in AngularJS are vastly required as they make several websites come alive every day. Javascipt developer is the most blooming profession in today’s world and AngularJS is equally requisite as long as JavaScript is necessitated. It supports web apps as well as mobile apps and AngularJS are reigning the digital world due to its easy to operate and accurate technology. The language is quite easy to learn and helps you in developing strong apps for high scale ventures. It is quite popular as it makes static pages lively as developers can add more tools to the web page. There are several benefits of Angular JS and angular experts are demanded immensely by organizations.

Angular JS language is dominating the virtual world and has changed the complete manner of developing applications with simple and refined technique to administer the code. It is tailor made for developers who require quick response and functioning from their web apps. The language is maintained by Google and several experts who help in fabricating single page applications which necessitate CSS, HTML or Javascript on the user’s end. It is a rapid front end development solution which helps in enhancing web apps with MVC to make testing and development easier.

You can opt for the Best AngularJS  Training In Pune and it supports you in gaining knowledge with hands-on training and experience in this field with expert trainers and professionals who are highly experienced. All the IT professionals can learn AngularJS and gain a lot in the digital field. Individuals who are acquainted with basics of JavaScript can opt for the training and become an expert developer. Several institutes train all the aspirant individuals who are interested in pursuing JavaScript framework and front end developers. Even individuals who hold expertise in other fields can receive training to become experts in AngularJS. There are brilliant job opportunities available in the market for professionals comprehending AngularJS.

There is a very big shortage of AngularJS developers, so getting trained in this field will be highly beneficial for your career. Fresher’s can learn the AngularJSframework from the initial amateur level up till the professional level. To compete with today’s world, several IT companies require experts and technicians who are skilled and trained to handle the virtual world.India is facing a great shortage of.NET, PHP and Java developers so trained individuals can get great job opportunities throughout the world as well as in our country.

Training Institute Pune is a leading Brand for Professional  Courses which provides best training in several fields of technology. There are skillful experts and specialists to provide you with intense training in the field of digital technology. Individuals and associations can get affordable training and consulting in several arenas like SEO, digital marketing, Data Science ,  Robotics, Testing, Hadoop, Python and many more.

Best Angularjs courses in Pune & Pimpri-Chichwad  is also available by efficient staff in a cost effective manner. When you enroll in the institute, you will get trained in practical session focusing on applications, you will work on live projects and have hands-on training with the actual software. Training institute in Pune is equipped with several facilities and a dedicated team to make you a leader in the software industry with extensive knowledge and experience of AngularJS .They are dedicated to providing the students with comprehensive study, which has been put together by expert professionals and you will get deep perception on the complete usage of objects, rule of variable scope and different attribute with javascript and HTML also.